Bad breath. The very thought of it can eat away at our confidence. Especially when you’re about to chat up someone. Bad breath plagues the socially active. It can cause you to hold back, be less outgoing and less intense.


Since Aquafresh Intense Clean leaves you feeling fresher for up to 8x longer, we decided to actively promote ‘intense social living’.
At music festivals Captain Aquafresh organized intense foam parties. In shopping centers he prepared kids for an intense night out. On radio and TV we encouraged you to have intense weekends. And online, we helped kids come up with intensely long chat-up lines.


Our campaign helped create a sales boost of 83,624 units during the first three weeks of this product introduction.
The campaign site drew ±40.000 visitors, 16% of which shared an intensely long pick-up line. How many intense nights this resulted in? We can only guess.